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February 24, 2022


Dear Friends of Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary:

Big Sky Ranch has undergone some changes in the past several months which impact the way we are currently operating.

While many charities suffered during the first year of Covid-19, Big Sky Ranch weathered the storm.  Although not open for visits from the public or for off-site events, the sanctuary successfully continued its day-to-day operations.  Andy Parent, Founder, managed the sanctuary despite his growing health challenges, thanks to a small group of dedicated volunteers.  As a result, the animals continued to be cared for, and it was anticipated that the sanctuary would once again open its gates to the public when it was safe to do so.


When Andy suddenly passed away in April 2021, volunteers continued the ongoing work of the sanctuary.  However, Andy’s absence on-site has had an undeniable impact on the sanctuary’s continuing operations, and it is clear that 2021 marked the end of an era. 


With Andy’s sudden passing, the sanctuary has faced a number of logistical challenges, which will require a significant period of time to sort out.  In light of this, the Board of Directors has made the decision to remain closed to the public until further notice.  During this period, while we undergo a review of our operations, we will no longer be accepting donations, and we are discontinuing our animal sponsorship program.  Moreover, we are not accepting any additional animals into our care at this time.  This a decision which has come after many months of consideration and has not been made lightly.   


Although we will not be accepting new animals into our care, current animals at the sanctuary will remain available for adoption into excellent homes. Anyone interested in adopting a life-long companion can contact us via email at: Additionally, we remain in need of volunteers. Please contact us via email if you are interested in volunteering with us.


We expect the review of our organizational structure to take the majority of 2022.  Throughout this process, the animals currently in our care will remain our priority. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters over the past many years, we are well positioned to sustain caring for the animals without additional donations and sponsorships during this period. Once our review is completed, our Facebook page will be updated.


We would like to thank you for your support of Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary.  The charity is privileged to have served the animals and people of our community over the years. Without your love and generosity, Andy’s vision could not have been realized, and we thank everyone who has supported the animals over the years.

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