Reviews from our campers!


Julia: I had a great time last week at camp and I am super exited to come again! I can't even describe how much I love the ranch. I am exited to be able to volunteer for you guys. 


Kaylann, 10:  My favourite thing about camp was feeding the animals and cleaning stalls.  Getting to know all the animals better during the week was really nice.


Meaghan, 10:  I loved doing chores because the animals are really happy when you do them.  Lulu the pig and Lola the cat were my favourite animals!


Trinity, 8:  Going for a gator ride was really fun!  Rook the black Lab was really nice and learning Lulu’s back story was the most interesting thing I learned about that I didn’t know before.


Christian, 9:  Petting the animals and spending time with them was my favourite thing about camp.  I named a duck “Iron Duck” so now that duck has a name!


Drew, 7:  Horseback riding was great and I love Mr. Bigglesworth.


Ethan, 7:  Playing with everybody and playing games I liked a lot.  I never realized how much everybody here really love and do a lot of work to take care of all the animals here.


Aeverie, 11:  The horses were my favourite and camp was different than I thought it would be but was really fun and good.  I really liked the counselors too.


Finnley, 5:  I like feeding the animals.  Especially the big horses.


Justin, 9:  I like EVERYTHING!  I learned all about Fainting Goats and I really like Rook he was my favourite animal.


Alexandria, 11:  Everything about camp was great and I am coming back next year.  I learned a lot about goat diets and Princess and Chelsea (horses) were my favourite animals all week.


Azaria, 11:  Spending time with the animals was what interested me the most and I learned about how much people care for the animals here.  The goats and horses were my favourite animals.


Zoe, 9:  Pumpkin the pony was my favourite animal and spending time with the animals is why I come to camp again this year.  I really love it here and it feels really comfortable and homey.


Lily, 8:  Spending time with the animals and caring for them is really good.  I learned about the difference between horse and goat stomachs.


Liah, 9:  I picked Clyde as my favourite animal at first but then  I really liked Ellie the Emu by the end of the week.  It was interesting to know why Lulu the pig has a rough back.


Ashley, 9:  Percy is the best!  Because he has a really nice black colour and he is so friendly gentle and cute.  I was really interested to know Lulu’s backstory.


Lennon, 5:  I picked Thunder as my animal this week but I really loved riding horses the best and the water slide!

Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary

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