Goats & Sheep for adoption


Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary is currently the home to several goats who are available for adoption.



​Norman is a true free spirit! He trusts everyone and adores turning his face up to the sun. He is happiest when jumping off his play structure to bounce over and say “Hello Friend"! 


This is Olive. She is a very gentle soul with a lot of dignity. It takes a little bit of time to earn her trust, but when you do, she is a lovely friend. 


Willy is so charming! He has made friends with all the goats and brings great cheer to the barn for everyone. He is a delight to see first thing in the morning with his sweet brown eyes looking at everything that is going on!


Thistle is a young goat who is very loving and gentle. He invites everyone to play- people are his favourite but he also makes friends with chickens! He is happy all day long and enjoys his naps at the end of the day. 


Phyllis is a cutie! Just look at her freckles!  She has a lovely little “baa baa” when you speak gently to her. She is a very quiet girl who looks out for her buddy Lou. 

Sue Ann

Sue Anne is the leader of her little flock...Wherever Sue Anne goes, Lou and Phyllis follow! She is brave and tiny. If you go say hello, her little head will pop over the door and she will look right into your eyes with so much softness and kindness.

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Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary

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