Horses (etc) for adoption


Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary is currently the home to several horses who are available for adoption to the right home.

Please drop by during visiting hours to meet our horses. If you are not in the position to adopt an animal, please consider sponsoring one who has made Big Sky their permanent home.



Dixie is a kind soul who loves everyone. She is often the first to come say hello. Dixie loves to be petted and scratched. She is a total love sponge!


​Timbit is a happy go lucky miniature donkey who loves affection, adores the other minis in his pen, and runs at top speed to say "hello" to everyone at the gate.

Cactus Jack

​Cactus Jack is an amazing boy! He is full of spirit and loves to run and play. He is as wonderful as he is beautiful.


​Jack is a gorgeous black and white donkey who is about 25 yrs old. He is a very mellow fellow who twitches his pretty ears in the sun, staying close to his horse friends or coming to the gate for a friendly pat. 


​Scooby is a Tobiano Paint who is one of the nicest geldings you could meet! He is adored by everyone who meets him because he is extra careful to be gentle.


Star is an 8 yr old Welsh Pony Arabian cross. He loves people and is very sweet and gentle. He has never been ridden.


Charlotte is a quiet and gentle Welsh pony who is about 15 yrs old and loves people.


Lilly is a sweetheart! She an approximately 19 yr old Thoroughbred who is kind and loves the company of people. She would make a lovely pasture horse.


Casper is a miniature horse that spent many of his favourite moments visiting seniors' homes. Now he is enjoying his time in his forever home. 


This lovely gal is Daisy. She is a 6 year old chestnut, 16 hands and can be ridden.


My name is Moose, and I am a Crossback Donkey with enormous, furry ears as you can see! I am about 17 years old and I take my job of looking after the horses (especially my best friend Jasmine) very seriously! I have a lot of fun looking over the fences to see if anyone might be coming with treats, as I am very fond of apples. 


Willy is an 11 year old Cross Back Donkey who lost his eyesight approximately five years ago and did not receive much human affection or attention. He is a sweet little guy! Timid at first - he is learning to have faith in people and slowly exploring his new environment. He has discovered that some people have apples in their pockets!


Tucker is a four year old Pony Mule. He is still learning to trust people as he has previously had little human contact and love. He is very handsome and full of intelligence and spirit. He is also very curious about his surroundings. He is Willy’s loyal friend.


I am Sunny, a 22-year-old Silver bay Miniature horse who loves playing in the sunshine. I like to come close and say “hello” and get pet! 











This is Dallas, who is about six years old. As you can see she has a long, magnificent mane, which she keeps out of her eyes neatly to one side so she doesn’t miss anything that is going on!  


This is Majik - she is a very sweet and alert 7-year old Missouri Fox Trotting horse.  


This very handsome gelding is Chester. He is an approximately seven year old Welsh Pony who loves to be ridden, and is about 13 hands. He is looking for a forever home.


This is Marigold. She is a lovely 4 year old palomino Quarter Horse mare who is about 14 hands. She is gentle and gets along very well with all the other horses in the field.

Ellie May (mule)

Ellie May is a female mule.She has a unique voice that cause many people to look around and say “What on earth was that?!” She is a big girl who is very loyal to the horse herd and loves attention.


This pretty girl is Princess. She is an older Arabian mare. She cannot be ridden but she is very gentle with other horses and would make a sweet pasture horse or companion.  A real sweetheart!


This is Love. She is a quiet and lovely mare.


This is QueenE, a lovely and calm mare who is about 14 years old.  She is gentle and can be ridden. 

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