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Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary is often home to several pot-bellied pigs. They can make a wonderful family pet. They are intelligent, readily trained, affectionate, curious, playful, clean, generally quiet, odor free, and usually non-allergenic. But be sure to do your research before adopting any new pet into your family. Below are a couple of links to information on pot-belllied pigs:




Annabelle is a beautiful silver coloured half Flemish Giant whose ears are silky soft. She is an absolute jewel during summer camp as she loves to be cuddled. 


​Atticus has been around people from birth and came to us as an orphan. He is soft, gentle, and is so quiet that we have seen butterflies land on him and he does not swish them away. 


Chester is a very patient and loving soul. His picture doesn’t show how big and soft he is - being part Flemish Giant, he takes up your entire lap when he cuddles! He adores romaine lettuce and gentle pets. 


​Hello my name is Onyx and I am shy and sweet. Sometimes my friends get more attention, but if you are patient with me, I love being brushed and having my face petted. I love the green grass and am very curious about grasshoppers and sheep too! They seem to have a lot of fun! 


Sandy is a white pot-belly pig who can squeal with the best of them. She hates getting a bath but loves digging in the dirt. 


I am Bob, and I have the loudest "honk" of any of the geese here and if people laugh, I shake my tail feathers and laugh with them too! I am very clean and am the first to bathe in the fresh morning water. 



Earl is very different from the others because he is black and white! Maybe that is why he knows he is special!  Whatever the reason, Earl loves to be first to the food and when he snuggles with his friends, he gets to be in the middle for all the cuddles.


Wilbur, also known as Burber-Monkey when he is being very sweet, is a 3 year old Juliana Pot belly who loves being fed treats. That is when he is the most gentlemanly. 


Piggie-Poo is only a year old, so he has lots of energy! He also has a very clever nose and if there is a treat that somehow the others have overlooked, it will be Piggie-Poo that finds it! He has a dash of white between the eyes because he is a dashing fellow! 


Eugene was born on Halloween in 2014. He is silly, funny and loves to play. He loves treats, and a perfect moment for Eugene is to share veggies together and get a face scratch! 


Emma is an adorable 4 year old lop-eared bunny. Playing on the grass and snacking on dandelion greens is one of her favourite activities. 


Arnold is a handsome pot bellied pig! He is a very mellow fellow, who loves to snooze deep in the shavings and likes to be close to people. Always gentle, he loves fresh veggies and fruit (a lot!) and is a gentleman at mealtime.


Elly made the CBC News when she was found freezing in the snow by two brothers. She spent a lot of her tme at Big Sky Ranch but now enjoying her days in her new forever home.


My name is Lili. It is hard to say what is cuter, my adorable pink skin, my spots, or my sweet smile.


It is easy to think that all black pot-bellied pigs have the same personalities, because they look so similar, but that is not the case! Henry, with his adorable floppy tipped ears that gently flop up and down, is a very mellow fellow who adores to be scratched, brushed, and otherwise handled. He loves treats, but likes friends even more!


This is Sparkles! She loves to be held, and has the most adorable back feet. Kisses and little veggie treats are her favourite things in the world.


Bugsy is as sweet as can be - he loves to have his long fur petted. Snuggling and small salads with little crunchy bits are his favourite treat.


My name is Stay-Puff and I am a lovely, fast and strong female emu. I am curious about everything that goes on at the Ranch! 


This is Pearl!  She is an outgoing, curious and friendly girl who is 3 years old and is the first to come check things out when something interesting is going on. 


Floyd is a gentle and mellow two year old who follows the other pot bellied pigs on their explorations and is happy to get pets.


This is Charlotte - a very quiet, sweet, four year old potbellied pig who is looking for her forever home.


Come meet Wilbur- he is a very friendly little buddy who is four years old and looking for a family to call his own.


Pumba is about 2 years old and he is very entertaining to watch. He is very curious and makes his own fun. Pumba has been neutered.

Huff n' Puff

Huff 'n Puff is about 1 year old and he is very friendly and loves to explore. He has been vet checked and he is looking for a family to take him home.


Daisy is a dwarf pot belly pig. she is about 1 year old and is very curious and friendly. She loves to be around people.

Peg & Meg

Peg and Meg are approx 3 years old.  Both ladies came to the ranch together and it would be nice to find them a home together.  They are a little shy right now but are warming up as they get used to their new surroundings.

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