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The Remembrance Garden

Welcome to The Remembrance Garden.


For many years, we have been trying to find the proper way to honour our fallen furry and feathered friends. So many special creatures have come through the Ranch to live out their lives with well-deserved dignity and respect. They have all touched us in some way with their unique personalities, unapologetic love and genuine kindness and appreciation for a second chance at a good (and safe) life.

The Remembrance Garden was built to honour the memory of those animals who have allowed us into their lives, but are no longer with us in the flesh. They remain with us in spirit now -- forever etched in our hearts. The memorial wall in the Garden is being covered with engraved brass tags that contain the names of animals that have been loved by their humans - a shout-out to the ones we love and miss.

Engraved tags are also available to the public, should you want to honour an animal you care or have cared for. Plaques can be ordered by emailing the office. Cost is $30. All purchased plaques will be permanently affixed to the memorial wall in the garden.

Please make sure to stop by the Remembrance Garden during your next visit. Help us honour our friends who have brought us so much joy and unconditional love. May they Rest in Peace.

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