Currently Sponsored


Some of these animals are permanent residents of the sanctuary and are available to sponsor. Thank you to our current sponsors.


If you are interested in sponsoring an animal, please visit the Available for Sponsorship page and then contact us.


Birch is just a little fellow but he keeps up with the other ducks and he is growing big and strong! He loves a snack of green peas and romaine and has an adorable little “quack”. Sponsoring Birch is $35 per month. 


We thank the English family for their generous support, and especially Willow and Kathy who keep a gentle space in their hearts for ducks everywhere.


Petey is one of the bigger sheep, but his wool grows so fast and poofy that he seems even bigger! He likes a good scratch and it is amazing to feel how warm he is under inches of wool in the wintertime. He is very polite with his friends and lets other sheep lead the way! Sponsoring Petey is $30 per month


Thank you Juliana Miele for your sponsorship of Petey!  Happy Birthday from your friend Sabrina!


Teresa is a very happy and confident sheep like her buddy Jenny! She is very cheerful, and when we come with the grain bucket she does a little happy dance then dashes ahead of everyone else to be first! Teresa reminds us every day that the “grass is greener on the other side” because she keeps an eye on the paths and asks to be let out to “mow the lawn” with her friends. Sponsoring Teresa is $45 per month. 

Thank you Eva for your kind support of Teresa; we appreciate your kindness.


Amigo is a sweetheart who adores the goats and naps in the sunshine. He is a shy fellow and likes to approach at his own pace. When he does, he bats his long eyelashes as if to say “hello!” and makes little happy noises. Amigo is a great friend to everyone and is a sweet peaceful soul. Sponsoring Amigo is $50 per month.

A huge thank you to Kemptville’s Get Cronk’d Fitness Studio, Bodhi Tree Yoga, and Willow and Rose for your kind support.


​My name is Hugo and I am a very friendly two year old boy. When I first came to the Ranch I was not used to people but I soon made a lot of friends and I discovered that apples and baby carrots are my favourite treats in the world! Even though I am big I am very gentle and enjoy visitors! Sponsoring me is $45 per month. 

Hugo is now being sponsored in honour of our late son and brother, Justin Quarterman, with whom we shared a great love for animals. Love always from Bill, Anne and Trisha.


Hunter is a very kind cat. She is loved by everyone, and all the other cats adore her too. She is very beautiful and never rushes anywhere; she seems to float! It is very sweet to see her wash after she eats. Hunter is always perfectly clean and tries to set a good example for the others! Sponsoring Hunter is $35 per month.


Hunter is being sponsored by Serena An, a cat lover and frequent visitor with her aunt Diane. Thank you for your kindness and compassion in sponsoring her!


Cally is a gentle and shy cat who is so pleased when after petting all the bolder cats you take time to tell her what a beautiful girl she is. Cally loves chin rubs and likes to sit next to us when we have lunch! Her eyes are enormous and shine with love and, it must be said, sometimes mischief! Sponsoring Cally is $35 per month.

Thank you to Elissa and Byron Wright for your loving support of Cally in honour and memory of Pip.

Miss Burnett

Miss Burnett is a small, round chicken who adores people and her best friends - the ducks and geese! She is very industrious and can always be seen pecking in the grass for tasty tidbits. She is upwardly mobile and likes to perch on fence posts to have a look at us up close. Sponsoring Miss Burnett is $40 per month.


We thank Constance for her kindness in sponsoring Miss Burnett in honour of her dear cat Kookie.

Mr. Pink

Introducing Mr. Pink! Is he not a handsome boy? He is very friendly, is a champion napper, squeaks when you hug him (so of course there is a lot of hugging) and follows you everywhere you go. He is a wonderful buddy who acts more like a friendly pup than a cat! Sponsoring Mr. Pink is $40 per month. 


Thank you Kristine Simmons for sponsoring Mr. Pink. We are so grateful for your support over so many years.

Phyllis Diller #1

This remarkable fellow (yes he is a Rooster) is a real charmer! His name is Phyllis Diller #1, and he bears his name with pride. He is a gentle Polish Rooster with a bouffant set of feathers on his head that seems to have a life of its own as he walks about! Sponsoring Phyllis Diller #1 is $25 per month.

Tim is sponsoring Phyllis Diller in honour of Carolanne Black on her birthday, who has always loved animals! We thank you both for your kindness.


Phyllis is a cutie! Just look at her freckles!  She has a lovely little “baa baa” when you speak gently to her. She is a very quiet girl who looks out for her buddy Lou. Sponsoring Phyllis is $45 per month.

Our thanks to Linda and Kevin Newell who have “had their eye on Phyllis for a while; it is an honour to be her sponsor!” We are touched by your kindness.


This is Creamsicle - but he prefers to be called Cream! Cream is very independent and loves being outside. He is one of the strongest cats we have seen and makes a point of not slowing down in any weather. When it suits him, he will come to the barn and sit down next to a bowl and wait patiently for wet food, which he adores. Sponsoring Cream is $35 per month.

Creamsicle is being sponsored by Evelyn B. Thank you so much for your love and kindness.


Snowshoe is a very sweet female that takes her cues from Phil but is always charmed by children and women...Partly because she loves shiny sparkly things and likes to examine these items up close! She has a very elegant walk and moves with a great deal of grace! Sponsoring Snowshoe is $35 per month.

Snowshoe is now being sponsored by Sarah and Michael in honour of their late Guinea Pig Mulder. Thank you both for your kind hearts.


Hello! My name is Ricky and I like nothing better than to eat hay in the sunshine and grumble about things. I am 15 years old and have lots of opinions! I am quite tall for an Alpaca...Taller than all the others in fact...And that is exactly how it should be! Sponsoring Ricky is $50 per month.

Miriam, Talia, and Caleb Fleming are sponsoring Ricki for an entire year! We thank you for your kindness and generosity!


Prince loves to play and has a wonderful spirit and love for everything and everyone! He knows his name and comes running when called. Prince will agree to be groomed, but the pets and scratches have to come first! Sponsoring Prince is $50 per month.

Maddie, Cora, and Lillie Fleming are sponsoring Prince for a whole year! Thank you very much for your kind hearts!


Ash is friendly, bold, very strong and full of energy! He has decided that the entire Sanctuary needs a supervisor and he is the cat to do it! He also finds the time to be an official greeter and says “hello” to everyone he can. Sponsoring Ash is $45 per month.

Happy Birthday Christy Mason! Thank you and all your kind friends and family for supporting Ash!


Alejandro is the youngest of the crew. He was born a little bit different, but is radiantly healthy and is very happy to communicate with people. He is a rich brown colour and smaller than usual so when he looks at you first with one eye and then the other it is almost face to face! Sponsoring this sweet fellow is $50 per month.

Thank you Sandra Nicholson for sponsoring Alejandro for the year, “to celebrate the joy that animals bring to our lives.” We are grateful for your kindness.        


​Willy is so charming! He has made friends with all the goats and brings great cheer to the barn for everyone. He is a delight to see first thing in the morning with his sweet brown eyes looking at everything that is going on! Sponsoring Willy is $45 per month. 

Thank you Karoly Szilady for your kindness to the goats; especially Willy!


Chief is the calm and gentle leader of the herd and is friends with everyone. He is a Paint gelding who is about 13 years old. Sponsoring him is $50 a month.


Thank you Valerie Acette for sponsoring the beautiful Chief in the name of your spouse and your best friend:

Karen Spierkel and Karen Marincak...We are grateful for your kindness and generosity!


Skittles is such a cheerful sweetheart. She loves investigating the lawn and will happily go for walks. Skittles enjys being petted gently on her soft brown fur. She is a big girl (a giant!!), and when she sits up she is surprisingly tall, which makes everyone giggle. Sponsoring Skittles is $30 per month.

Thank you Janice and Jamie for sponsoring Skittles! We are grateful for your support.


Rico is a real gentleman. He has such nice manners and because he knows that, he is a big boy yet is very careful around everyone! When we kiss his nose, he tickles us with his whiskers. What a gorgeous boy in every way! Sponsoring Rico is $60 per month.

Colleen Bastien is sponsoring Rico. Thank you for your ongoing generosity!


Coconut is a gentle, sweet, and small cat who loves to approach quietly, slowly waving his tail and vibrating head to toe purring. Sponsoring Coconut is $35 per month.


Coconut is being sponsored by the Kitty Clan family...Thank you!  “The Kitty Clan; Walnut, Wasabi, LuLu, Pumpkin And Pecan, are thrilled to be armchair observers of the fantastic adventures of Coconut!"

Golden Girls - Rose

Rose is the goat that leads the other Golden Girls on adventures. She is not the boss, but they know that wherever Rose goes there will be fun and new things to explore! Her best friends are the other goats; she is shy around people but is always happy to see treats and loves to eat. Sponsoring Rose is $45 per month.

This sponsorship is in loving memory of Linda Ann McNinch (November 8th, 1949 - March 19th, 2017) "grandmother" to the Golden Girls - Sophia, Rose, Blanche and Dorothy. Linda was a great animal lover and long time volunteer helping animals for many years.  Her family loves and misses her.  

Golden Girls - Blanche

Blanche is Rose’s daughter and has the sweetest smile you can imagine, which matches her personality. She is a sponge for affection and adores pets, kisses, and then more pets and kisses after that! Like her mother Rose ,she loves to climb, she appreciates being able to say “hello!” face to face!  Sponsoring Blanche is $45 per month.

This sponsorship is in loving memory of Linda Ann McNinch (November 8th, 1949 - March 19th, 2017) "grandmother" to the Golden Girls - Sophia, Rose, Blanche and Dorothy. Linda was a great animal lover and long time volunteer helping animals for many years.  Her family loves and misses her.  

Golden Girls - Dorothy

Dorothy is Sophia’s daughter and is the most independent of the Golden Girls. She is quiet, very polite, and is so happy when special attention is given to her. She copies everything that Sophia does, sees every open door as an opportunity and is very smart with the door latches too! Sponsoring Dorothy is $45 per month.

This sponsorship is in loving memory of Linda Ann McNinch (November 8th, 1949 - March 19th, 2017) "grandmother" to the Golden Girls - Sophia, Rose, Blanche and Dorothy. Linda was a great animal lover and long time volunteer helping animals for many years.  Her family loves and misses her.  

Golden Girls - Sophia

Sophia is the absolute Queen of the Cashmere Goats. Her face is absolutely beautiful and she loves being told how lovely she is. She adores a good scratch between her horns and comes running when she is called even if she is busy keeping an eye on the other goats! Sponsoring Sophia is $45 per month.

This sponsorship is in loving memory of Linda Ann McNinch (November 8th, 1949 - March 19th, 2017) "grandmother" to the Golden Girls - Sophia, Rose, Blanche and Dorothy. Linda was a great animal lover and long time volunteer helping animals for many years.  Her family loves and misses her.  


Jenny is a sweet Suffolk Sheep that will often step away from the herd to quietly observe things for herself. She loves getting a good scratch under her wool and will gaze at you with the softest brown eyes. It is so peaceful to be around her! Sponsoring Jenny is $45 per month.

For our mother, Donna: A continuous gift all year long because you've always loved sheep so much

From your daughters, Kari (and Andrew) and Krista


Lily is a gentle and lovely little soul who is exploring her world with grace and bursts of energy too. 

Sponsoring Lily is $55 per month.

Thank you Megan Coleman for your loving heart for cows and your kind support in honour of Gentle.


Lou is such a good boy; like many sheep he is shy, but if you stand by him quietly, he will come close to say hello. He is so gentle and small, and one of the most lovely souls you could ever meet. Sponsoring Lou is $45 per month.

Lou is now being lovingly sponsored by The Campbellchuks.


Punkin is a gelded Shetland Pony. Punkin gives rides to children with special needs as well as other kids who may be meeting a horse for the first time. He is a permanent resident that may be a little guy but his purpose is so big. Punkin's monthly costs are $70.

Thank you to the wonderful staff of Pet Valu in Kemptville! We are grateful for your support!


Archie is a miniature pygmy goat who is so friendly and companionable that there is no resisting him when he wants attention. He is very small, and does his very best to charm everyone to notice and love him! He gives kisses and will trot next to you so he doesn’t miss any fun! Sponsoring Archie is $45 per month.

Archie is being sponsored by Michelle Schnob in honour of Adam Laporte. Thank you both very much for your love of the animals!


Puff is an approximately 27 year old small pony who was found lost and wandering in the woods. He is a lovely fellow who made friends in the forest, and is making friends here too! Sponsoring Puff is $50 a month. 


Puff is being sponsored by Len and Faith. 


Sponsoring Puff is our Valentine’s Day gift to each other.  It is an honour to sponsor sweet Puff and the wonderful volunteers at Big Sky Ranch as they make a difference in animals’ lives.”


Cookie adores every mealtime and all snacks in between! It is a joy to watch her eat because every mouthful is so yummy. Sometimes she closes her eyes in bliss and always shows approval with lots of tail wagging too! Sponsoring Cookie is $45 a month.

Thank you Laura Roach for sponsoring Cookie on behalf of Berry and Rambo. We are grateful for your affection and warmth for the animals.


Troy is a very good boy who will check out your pockets for hidden treats and leans on you to get a good hug and a scratch behind the ears. He gets along with everyone and has a very soft “moo”. Sponsoring Troy is $55 per month.

​Kathleen Hartin is sponsoring Troy as a gift to her fiancé Kurt Refling.  We thank you both very much!


Maddie the Suffolk sheep is so nice! She is a favourite of the shy sheep, especially those who learn from her adventures. Sponsoring Maddie is $45 per month.

Maddie, thank you so much for your love of animals the world needs more youth like you!


Harold the Guinea Fowl is a very busy fellow! He never gets tired and sets a schedule for himself that includes patrolling the Sanctuary, scouring the land for bugs of all kinds, and taking dust baths. And of course, he is incredibly fast! Sponsoring Harold is $30 per month.

"Livy is fast like Harold, but she does not like bugs like Harold does! We look forward to visiting him again soon.”  Thank you so much for your kindness Livy!


Beautiful Maximus is one of the young calves brought here that loves the open fields; leading the others to patches of clover that he adores. Face rubs and getting a good brushing are his favourite activities. Sponsoring him is $55 per month.

Maximus is being sponsored by Matthew Timms, for his beloved wife Gillian Reid-Timms, on the occasion of their 3rd year wedding anniversary.

Phyllis Diller #2

​We never get tired of watching Phyllis Diller #2- like all Polish Roosters he is remarkably quiet and gentle, but what is really interesting and adorable is to watch him interact with all the other birds in the yard! Because of the pouf of feathers on his head that dips over his eyes as he walks, many things are a surprise and he always reacts with a joyful "Oh Hi! Didn't see you there!" friendliness that is very sweet to see. Sponsoring Phyllis Diller # 2 is $25 per month.

Tinamarie Jones is sponsoring Phyllis Diller 2 in memory of her beloved cat, Chai.  Thank you for your kind heart.


​Stella is small, sweet and gentle. She always lets others eat first and adores belly rubs in the sun. She even gets drowsy standing up and soaking in the rays of sunshine in the late afternoon! Sponsoring Stella is $35 per month.

"For my wife, Natasha. Our love grows every year. Happy Anniversary to the woman I love, who loves animals." We thank you both for your kind hearts.


​This beauty is Mandy! She is never in a hurry, but her legs are so long she gets where she wants to go quickly! Mandy is very gentle and adores being pet. Sponsoring Mandy is $45 per month.

Thank you so much Alisha for sponsoring Mandy. We are grateful for your kindness and generous spirit.


I am Theo and I am now all grown up! I still love to search for yummy things and I give “bingo dab” kisses. I am Peaches' best friend. Together we play and roll in the mud all summer long and in winter we snuggle back to back! 

Sponsoring me is $45 per month.

Alexandra is sponsoring Theo in honour of Dotty, Rufus and Cupcake. Thank you Alexandra for your compassion and support.


Norman is a true free spirit! He trusts everyone and adores turning his face up to the sun. He is happiest when jumping off his play structure to bounce over and say “Hello Friend!" Sponsoring Norman is $45 per month.


Sponsored with love by Jean Hartjes in memory of Adam.

Rock Star

Rock Star is a Plymouth Rock Rooster with a huge personality and the biggest bobbing strut on the entire Ranch. He even stands at attention on the highest perches waiting for someone to notice and “ooh” and “aah”. He crows very rarely, but when he does we can hear him no matter where we are! Sponsoring Rock Star is $35 per month.

We thank Megha and Manpreet for their love and support of the animals!


​This is Lucy, and a sweeter little girl there couldn't possibly be. Everything this miniature potbellied pig does is very cute, and because she is only four months old, she is doing a lot! Lucy is curious about everything, and at the end of the day snuggles in her bed and blankets with her little nose poking out. Sponsoring Lucy is $35 per month.

Lucy is proudly sponsored by Jazmin and Joseph, new farmers of Seven Fields Farm and Orchard.               


​Buckley is a total cutie pie. He is such a tiny pygmy goat and yet so full of confidence and absolutely loves to jump!  He is friendly and always loves a good scratch behind the ears. Sponsoring Buckley is $45 per month.

Buckley is being sponsored by Helen Friel in memory of her daughter, Nadine Gelineau, to commemorate Nadine’s birthday. She would have loved this little goat!


Helen is a very serious cow! She is the boss and watches over all the other cows and calves with a loving and stern eye. She is the oldest of the cows here, and the wisest with a tender heart for the young animals. She has discovered that she likes apples very much! Sponsoring Helen is $55 per month.

Helen and Lily are being sponsored in honour of BB Hendricks, an incredible animal lover.


​Tafft is a magnificent Canadian, who is about 15 hands tall! He is strong, friendly, and likes to meet everyone and explore the grounds together. Tafft also has a great love of a juicy apple! Sponsoring him is $50 per month.

Tafft is being sponsored in memory of Lloyd, we thank you for your kindness.


Sparky is all ears! Born here at the Ranch from a cow that was brought over to us. Sparky has started life surrounded by people who love animals and in a happy small herd. He is very energetic and lively. Here he is having a bit of a rest from playing with Lily. Sponsoring Sparky is $55 per month.

Sparky is now being sponsored by Debbie and Andrea in memory of Willow, the English Cocker Spaniel. Thank you for your kindness.


My name is Jessie, and I love to play.  Even though I am shy, I do like people and will come close when no one is looking! I'm like a little sister and best friend to Dakota! I think he adores me right back! Sponsoring me is $55 per month.

Jessie is being sponsored by Carole Dolan in honour of the volunteers at Big Sky Ranch Sanctuary that care for the animals every day. Thank you Carole for your kindness!


My name is Milo! Although I look grumpy in this photo, I am very sweet and  extremely affectionate. I love treats, quiet time and rubbing my face against everyone who comes and says “hello”! I am social with the other cats at the Ranch and my best friend is Tello.  Together we love exploring the nooks and crannies of the barn. 

Sponsoring Milo is $35 per month.


Céline Desjardins is sponsoring Milo (in honour of my beautiful Kiki).



Cous Cous

Cous Cous is a beautiful bird who adores water, fresh greens, and her  best friend Jasmine who has taken this gentle goose under her wing. She  loves people and only honks a little when people visit! Sponsoring Cous Cous is $30 per month.

Thank you Isabel Richer for your support of Cous Cous- he is a happy Goose!



This is Norm! He is a 4yr old sheep that loves meeting people and getting treats. 

Sponsoring Norm is $40 per month. 


Chris Lawrence is now sponsoring Norm and Fanny in memory of Jack- thank you Chris for your help and generosity.




This is Edgar. He is a beautiful Rhode Island Red rooster who needed a home to live out his days. Edgar is very tame and curious about everything.  He is such a quiet gentleman that when he crows (at any hour of the day!) we always laugh and are so pleased to hear his big voice! Sponsoring Edgar is $35 per month.


Thank you Sandy and Steve Schultz for your great kindness to the animals. Your warm hearts are appreciated.

Chester & Lucy

Friends Chester and Lucy have had many adventures together and are now safe at Big Sky Ranch! They are curious about everything, love treats and swimming in the pond together. Their average expenses are $25 per month.


Thank you Sandy and Steve Schultz for your great kindness to the animals. Your warm hearts are appreciated.

Louie & Gabby

They are very sweet and are always together. They were abandoned in the wild as little ducklings to fend for themselves but are now safe at the Ranch where they can usually be found swimming in the kiddie pool. Their average expenses are $25 per month.


Thank you Sandy and Steve Schultz for your great kindness to the animals. Your warm hearts are appreciated.


Sophie is as sweet as can be and loves everybody. One of her favourite activities is playing peek a boo and she can often be found in the garden flowers! Sponsoring Sophie is $35 per month.


Steve Price is now sponsoring Sophie, in memory of "Jackson", his dear Jack Russell who was dearly loved and greatly missed.  Thank you for your kindness.


My name is Henry, and after a rocky start to life, I am a lucky rooster!  I was found as a baby chick and dearly loved, until I had to go to a new home where I could crow to my heart’s content! I love to parade around the Ranch checking up on everything, and I crow at all times of the day as soon as the sun comes up! Sponsoring Henry is $25 per month.


Henry is being very kindly sponsored by Maria- thank you Maria for choosing Henry to care for!


This is Zeus! He is a very strong and smart sheep and leads the herd. He is surprisingly gentle and lets the other sheep rush to the grain first- he is never pushy. The sheep follow him everywhere and copy everything he does. He likes romaine lettuce a lot. Sponsoring Zeus is $45 per month.


Dominique and Randy are sponsoring handsome Zeus for the next year- thank you for your caring.


My name is Maxx and I am a very sweet 12 year old tabby who is about 12 years old.  I love to cuddle and nap! 
Sponsoring Maxx is $30 per month.


Colleen Bastien is sponsoring Maxx! Thank you for your support!

Little Debbie

Little Debbie came as a baby to BSR in Oct of 2014 and we have enjoyed seeing her grow up! She is trusting of people and has the kind, expressive eyes that emus are known for. Sponsoring her is $40 per month.


Colleen Bastien is sponsoring Little Debbie! Thank you for your support!


Yoyo the Donkey is a real sweet heart; she likes to be groomed and loves when you talk to her. She is a permanent resident of the sanctuary. Her monthly expenses average $50.

Emily Black is sponsoring Yoyo - thank you so much!

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Susie has been at Big Sky Ranch for many years and even though she is a little lady of “a certain age” she still makes all her rounds every day to make sure that her favourite spots are fully inspected! She is a real little sweetie and her jaunty little trot brings a smile to everyone’s heart. Sponsoring Susie is $50 per month.

Our heartfelt thanks to Keyonghee Susan Min for your support, love and warmth for all the animals here!


Hazel (also known as Hurricane Hazel) is so full of energy it is hard to believe! She has a few superpowers, here are only a few! Hazel loves racing competitions with the golf cart, and wins! She also can jump five feet in the air, she has an extensive vocabulary and her best one is that she gives kisses with her whole heart and doesn’t stop until you beg her. It is amazing that we have a photo of her sitting still! Sponsoring her is $50 a month.


Mary and Jacques are now sponsoring Hazel, in honour of their dear friend Gerry Hogan, a big fan and volunteer with us at Big Sky Ranch. Thank you very much.


Hoch means “tall” or “high” in German and Hoch is BIG! He is a Morgan / Canadian cross and trusts his best friend Motley absolutely. They are two dignified gentle souls who love being petted. Hoch is an example to us here of pure loyalty, friendship and devotion. Sponsoring him is $60 per month.


Hoch is now being sponsored by Robyn and David Aaron. Thank you very much for your kindness and your love of horses!


Roxie is adorable, playful and very spunky!  One of her very best friends is Lightning. Because Roxie is very social and fun wherever she goes on the ranch there is lots of leaping, jumping and of course  good snoozes in the sun.  Sponsoring Roxie is $45 per month.


Roxie is being sponsored by Julien! We thank you so much for your kindness and choosing Roxie who celebrates joy every single day.

Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is as sweet as a potbellied pig can be. And with her sense of humour, love of belly rubs and all things crunchy and sweet, she is a delight to all. Coco Chanel once said, "A girl should be two things: classy & fabulous." Don't you think she looks both classy & fabulous in her black ensemble? With her elegant manners & gentle nature, Coco Chanel happily accepts invitations to events & squeals with delight when fed juicy apples & taken for walks. Sponsoring her is $50 per month.

Coco Chanel is being sponsored by Sandra. Thank you for your kind heart for the animals.


​This is lovely Savannah. This sweetheart is a North Country Cheviot -- a breed originally from Scotland! She is a lovebug who loves people and is discovering that baby carrots are quite delicious! Sponsoring Savannah is $45 per month.

We thank the Cirka Family for their kind and generous sponsorship of Savannah.


Phil is handsome, young, and full of energy and confidence! He never walks when he can hustle. It is quite something to look into his orange amber eyes...They a very warm and gentle and glow with intelligence. Sponsoring Phil is $35 per month.

Phil is being sponsored by Maya Raponi. A very Happy Birthday to you and thank you for your warm heart for the animals - especially Phil!


Roxie is energetic and spunky! She is an expert yet gentle head butter and invites everyone to play and jump with her. She can jump quite high for such a small goat and loves to be admired for her energy! Sponsoring Roxie is $45 per month.

Thank you so much Michelle Wood for sponsoring Roxie! We appreciate your support!


Louise is a very sweet and affectionate permanent resident the Sanctuary as she helps us with educational programs! She loves to have long chats (we could listen to her chirps and trills all day long...If only we knew what it was all about). Greens and other veggie treats are the highlight of her days. Louise especially adores a good snuggle and a romp in the grass. Sponsoring Louise is $60 per month.

Thank you Susan Min for your kindness and support!


Damian is a beautiful white Alpaca with one perfect beauty spot on his shoulder. He is very curious and gentle about the world around him and his huge glossy eyes and long eyelashes makes it quite obvious what he is looking at!  When the other animals honk, cluck, bray, his ears constantly swivel so he never misses a thing! Sponsoring Damian is $50 per month.

Beryl is sponsoring Damian “in honour of all the animals that need our love and support”.  Thank you Beryl  for your warm heart.

Sue Anne

Sue Anne is the leader of her little flock...Wherever Sue Anne goes, Lou and Phyllis follow! She is brave and tiny. If you go say hello, her little head will pop over the door and she will look right into your eyes with so much softness and kindness. Sponsoring Sue Anne is $45 per month.

Thank you very much Andrea Diaz for your support and your kind words: “A huge thank you goes to Big Sky Ranch for the amazing job taking care of these beautiful animal souls in so much need of love and attention!!”


Loki is magnificent in every way! When he stands on his hind legs he is six feet tall, and on all four, not much shorter!  He is very calm and sweet and loves to play. Sponsoring Loki is $45 per month.

Thank you Basia for sponsoring this big boy. We are grateful for all of your support!


This is Lightning who is a small and sweet Fainting Goat. He is all white with brown around his eyes. He loves to be pet and tenderly hugged even more than he likes treats! His monthly expenses are $35.

Lightning is being sponsored by Emma and Sarah Charlebois. Thank you both for your kindness to him!


Diesel is a Huarizo, which is a cross of a Llama and an Alpaca. Diesel loves to visit out in the community and educate groups. He also loves to sing! His monthly costs are $50.

Sponsored with love by Jean Hartjes in memory of Adam.


Shadow is a sweet Dwarf Paint Horse with one blue eye and one brown eye.  He loves to play with his best friend Casper and is curious about everyone who comes to visit. He comes with us to visit nursing homes and schools. Sponsoring Shadow is $45 per month.

Thank you Angela, who is sponsoring Shadow in loving memory of her dear husband and best friend Roderick MacLennan.


Clover is the cuddliest Pygmy Goat imaginable. Petite, round, and affectionate, she will manage to get close to you through all the bigger goats because she is so small! She loves to be pet gently and is very fond of vegetable treats. Sponsoring Clover is $45 per month.

Clover is being sponsored by Alex in honour and on behalf of Danielle Pham. Thank you both for your kindness and love for animals.


Leon is a very special little kid who likes to play above all else. When he is having fun, even the older goats want to play! He has a sweet little voice that makes everyone giggle! Sponsoring Leon is $45 per month.

Thank you so much Michael and Candace! Leon is a lovely boy and it is wonderful that you see how special he is! We appreciate your kindness.


This beautiful girl is Jasmine and she is about 17. She is very sweet, curious and kind, especially with children. She knows she is pretty and loves to prance and dance across the fields. Sponsoring Jasmine is $50 per month.

Thank you Jacquie Weldon!  We appreciate your support so much and your love for all the animals here too.


Mickey is the most social of the goats. Everyone adores her and wants to be her friend. The cats like her and come visit and rub on her legs. She is not that much bigger than they are! Sponsoring Mickey is $45 per month.

Shelley and Rob would like to sponsor Mickey as an anniversary gift to each other. Thank you for your kindness!


Alfie is a beautiful male peacock who has become best friends with Gretel! He normally lets her chatter and gobble, but when Alfie chimes in, you can hear what he has to say from everywhere on the ranch!  Alfie is very gentle and will gracefully approach to say hello. Sponsoring Alfie is $60 per month.

Thank you Katie and Luke for your support of Alfie. His great beauty is perfectly reflected in your hearts.

Whackie & Quackie

Whackie and Quackie are beautiful Black Indian Runner Ducks- they have a straight posture and wherever they go they move as a perfect match!  They glow in the sun- their feathers sparkle as much as the water they love to splash in. Sponsoring them as a pair is $50 per month.

The Roach family is now sponsoring Whackie and Quackie in loving memory of Chloe and Starr. “You will both be greatly missed and always in our hearts."


Sebastien is a Sebastopol Goose! His feathers are a glorious cascade of curly feathers that dance in the breeze as he rushes to investigate everything and everyone! Sponsoring Sebastien is $30 per month.

Happy Birthday Mom! Love from Joanna and Sebastien!


​Jeannie is one of the calmest cats ever! She is not the most athletic cat making her home at the Sanctuary. In fact, any notion of exercise puts a look of “Not today, dear” on her sweet face! She loves to be brushed, and is never far away, looking at everything that goes on to see if there might be an opportunity for pets and cuddles.   She might hustle just a little bit for those! Sponsoring Jeanne is $35 per month.

Jeannie is being sponsored by a wonderful young person named Maria. Thank you for your kind heart!