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Success Stories

Read some uplifting pet adoption (and other) success stories from Big Sky Ranch. 










July 2020

"We’re happy to say that Walter is really settling into his new home with us. He loves playing in the backyard with the kids, going for long walks, and going for short road trips in the car. He is doing so much better on a leash. He will walk now without barking at other animals or pulling. He loves his treats which we’ve been using to leash train him outside. Although he has a big, comfy doggie bed in our living room, he always chooses to sleep with the girls in their bedroom. He’ll even sneak his way onto their beds during the night. We all love Walter!"


April 2020

I wanted to get in touch to let you know how Ocean is doing. In a word, fantastic! She's a wonderful girl, friendly, fun, smart, loving and very well behaved. And absolutely gorgeous. We love her to bits!

Thank you for taking care of her and for allowing us to take her into our family.


December 2019

Last December our family adopted Beasy, the Anatolian Shepard. Just wanted to send an update to say that Beasy is an absolute dream of a dog. She protects our livestock, and takes this job very seriously, and she protects her people (us). We just love her to the moon and back. Thanks so much for making this love connection and for all that you do!

Quinn (Rocky)

December 2019

My new little friend has stolen my heart in just these few days. I take  him almost every where with me and he greets my friends very politely and usually sits and takes all the affection they give him. He played today with a dog puzzle and it took only seconds to find the treats under the sliding doors. He is very clever. I feel like he has been at my side forever as he looks to me for everything. He loves to play with an assortment of stuffed things and things that squeak. I have taken things out of his mouth (like a piece of cardboard) without any resistance, he lets me put on little boots to keep his feet warm on these cold frosty days and actually loves his new coat!  I take him to the dog park which he looks forward to! Every day I find things that endear him more to me.  


He also has Houdini tendencies. I thought I should put him in a crate if I had to go out for a short period of time and both times he was sitting at the door waiting for me. No damage no accidents he just really wanted out of that cage. For the life of me I can’t figure out how he did it. Had to laugh at him. He is so funny.   

Nala (Sharmaine)

December 2019

Hi Andy and Big Sky team. Can you believe it's been just over 6 months since we adopted Nala!?! Time flies when you're having fun with this wild child. Nala has done very well with our family. She is the perfect blend of crazy high energy outdoors and calm and gentle indoors. She is THE most affectionate dog and so sweet. She is great with the kids and everyone she meets. She ADORES play time at the dog park. We have worked hard at teaching her good habits with a trainer-she is such a smart cookie. Here are some photos of Nala in all her glory😁. Thank you again for saving her.

The Paialungas

Hattie (formerly Amber)

October 2019

Hi Andy,

I just wanted to send you some pics of Hattie and her summer/fall with us. She is so loved by everyone! I’m so glad that you put the two of us together. THANK YOU!!

Freddy (now Odin)

September 2019

Here's an update on Freddy, who is now known as Odin. We are so in love with him. He has adapted incredibly well and is just AMAZING. Super spoiled and is the best cuddler, he sleeps on the bed with us every night.

Thank you again for him

B & D


August 2019

Here's Timmy! We love him! He fit right into our family and already has so many people that love him at the park near us!


August 2019

I just wanted to update you on Trixx that we adopted back in March 2019. She took to us as soon as she got to our home. She is happy and healthy and she is bringing so much joy to our family. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and wish you much success in the future. 

Evee (now Sammy)

July 2019

I just wanted to inform you on a little update about who you know as Evee. We renamed her Sammy and she caught onto it so quickly. She’s such a smart dog! It took a little while for her to trust our family, but we couldn’t ask for a better pup. She loves our farm and all the space for her to run and chase sticks. Thank you so much, Sammy and I are so happy.


July 2019

Hi Big Sky! Luna has been an amazing addition to our family! What a sweetheart! We take her to the soccer fields for practices and games and she is an angel - so great with people and other dogs. Here are a couple of photos of her being happy!

Muffin & Alley Cat

June 2019

When we lost our cat Hope suddenly in March of this year, I was grief stricken.  Losing her left an emptiness in my heart and in the house.  I missed her sitting next to me while I read in the morning.  She was always a bit of a grumpy cat, but she loved my husband and I in her way and we too loved her as much as she allowed us to.  But, as the days and weeks passed, I realized how much I missed the pitter patter of tiny paws on the floor and the weight of a little body lying next to us on the couch or in bed.  The longing for another cat (or two) in the house was all I could think about.

As a volunteer at Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary, I was able to get my “cat fix” because there were always cats there to be cared for and loved.   Some were full-time residents of the Ranch, while others were never there long enough before they happily found homes.  Muffin was one of the cats who had been at Big Sky for a number of months.  He was a big fella, with white and tabby-colouring who didn’t wander much but was friendly and always presented himself when I brought out a cat brush.  He would lean against me and practically fall over in anticipation of a belly scratch.  It wasn’t long before I decided that Muffin would be the chosen one and we adopted him.

Before the week was up however, I convinced my husband that one cat wasn’t enough and that Muffin needed a friend to keep him company when we were not at home.  Enter Alley Cat.  She too had been brought to the Ranch a few months before and was a shy, elusive calico.  She rarely showed anything but her sweet face when I was working in the barn, but I knew she had a gentle disposition from the way she gave my extended hand a sniff and allowed me to scratch her head.  I knew she would be perfect for us (and Muffin), especially since the two of them knew each other from their travels in the barn.  With the aid of Andrew and his ‘cat catching skills’, she was soon on her way to being reunited with her friend and to be loved by her new owners.

It's been a few weeks now and the two of them have made themselves quite at home and have been such a welcome addition to our family.    Muffin continues to be the cuddle-monkey cat who loves to be brushed and have his head rubbed.  In true feline fashion, he enjoys napping and occasionally can be seen gently wrestling his catnip pineapple toy.  He has earned the nickname “Mer-cat” because he often props himself up against the wall or the railing with his back legs extended.  Alley Cat, while still shy, will happily chase her cat toys up and down the hall and basement stairs.  She is still nervous around company but given time, we know she will come out of her shell. 

She too loves to be petted and has shown her trust by sitting beside me when I’m having my tea and reading in the morning.  Of late, she has assumed the role of alarm clock when her tummy tells her it’s time for breakfast!  Our house is no longer quiet and empty when we come home.  There are greetings made and tummy rubs given and always the constant reminder that our four-legged friends are there for us, as we are for them.

When you lose a pet, the grief is often so overwhelming, that you cannot possibly imagine loving another.  But you can and we did.  When it comes to animals, the beauty of the human heart is this:  it never runs out of love.

Rosemary Theriault


June 2019

Hello! Just wanted to let you know that Georgie is doing well. We've been taking him to the dog park and he's been such a good boy. He's been great with every dog he has met. He even tried to be a cat sitting on the back of the couch! Haha. Thank you again for bringing this boy into our lives. We love him so much!!

Kassandra Chudiak and Kurtis Carter


March 2019

Here is the picture of our lovely Annabelle. We have had her for a year now. We lost our beautiful English mastiff last march. Our hearts were broken and we decided we could never replace her but something made me look at the dogs you had for adoption. We saw her picture and thought we would just go see her. Well a year later I have to say she has filled our hearts with love. She is perfect. She comes with us everywhere she sleeps with us and the cats. She is actually very much my husband's dog! She loves camping and going to the spa. Its very hard for her to go to the vet..but it gets done.


Thank you to the people who surrendered her. You must have loved her very much. Thank you to BSR. You are amazing. I cant express how wonderful you are.


March 2019

Dear Andy,


I wanted to express my gratitude to you and Big Sky Ranch for matching us up with Rex, as we approach his three year adoption anniversary.


My husband and I had always talked about getting a dog for companionship, love and safety. In March of 2016 while out for a walk with my two young children we were approached by a man wearing a mask and wielding a knife. Luckily, he fled before anything happened but the experience shook me to the core. 


Soon after we visited Big Sky looking to adopt a big dog in hopes to restore a sense of safety to our lives and provide an older dog with a loving home. That day we met Rex. I told you about what had happened and you assured me that he would be an excellent fit for our home. And that is exactly what he has been. 


Over time and some training and trust building, he has become an amazing, integral part of our family. He is a big lap dog and loves to get all the pets. He's also my fierce protector. He and I have an unspoken connection and he knows when I'm feeling uncomfortable and he needs to step up. 


He is silly and loving, but makes sure to make his presence known to strangers. He loves walks and playing fetch. He loves to run and swim. He is our gentle giant and we love him so much. 


We can't thank you enough for all of the work that you do. Without you and Big Sky we wouldn't have had the honour of bringing big Rex into our home. 






January 2019

As you can see Harvey has settled in quite nicely. He gets along great with the other animals. He is truly loved.

Tucker (T.R.)

December 2018

Tucker is responding so well to training, and beginning to listen to us and really trusting us now. He’s so comfortable at home, and is getting along great with new people and every dog he meets thanks to lots and lots of socializing at home and outside. We are so thankful for Tucker, love him to pieces and can’t wait to see him to continue to improve!


December 2018

Just a quick note to let you know that Beasy has settled right in here. She met our cats and chickens and my boyfriend's dog and has done great! Thank you so much for allowing us to bring Beasy into our family, its like she has known us for ages. Here is picture of her settled in on the couch.

S, R, and J

Custer (Cooper)

November 2018

Just thought you might like to see Cooper- formerly Custer- with his brother Bailey!  Cooper and Bailey are inseparable.  He is so happy and has become King of our castle. Our other animals know who's boss. He makes us laugh every single day.


November 2018

It’s been a great adventure this past year and we have a very strong bond now and I love him. He is very happy here and has taken over the herd with his social personality and the ladies of the herd adore him. He really thinks he is a Casa Nova! LOL


November 2018

Sophie quickly took after our other dog Max, and adores our two young boys. As a team, they help me raise them daily. Most days you can find her patiently helping our youngest to walk, giving snuggles or supervising us outside. Always by my side, she is incredibly smart and gentle and it did not take long for her to settle in. She is the biggest sweetheart, and we are so grateful to be her family! We just love her, thank you for all you do!

Whitney (Shadow)

November 2018

Just wanted to update you on Whitney (Shadow). We've changed her name but she seems to like it as she’s already started responding to it! She loves her new Momma and has already had the “no couch rule” broken because of her cuddles. She's learning her leash training and loves to walk and play. My mom loves her.


A large thank you to you and the ranch for blessing us with this sweetheart. She has made a large, good, impact on our excited family!


Thanks for everything.


October 2018

Good morning Andy!

My dad said Sheena was perfect over night, she's everything that he had hoped for! Sheena already goes to the door to go outside and enjoys sleeping wherever my dad sits. Sheena had a nice bath at Pet Valu yesterday as well. Thank you for trusting in my father. This will be good for him to have a companion.



October 2018

Chester is settling in really well. We can tell he was well taken care of and has many tricks/commands that he follows. He can play ball forever and he is enjoying our yard. We’ve had him up at the lake property and visiting family and friends. Everyone thinks he’s adorable. We are so happy to have him after the loss of our two daschunds this past year.


October 2018

Hi Andy,

We wanted to give you an update on Dexter.


He is an adorable handful. The other beagles have welcomed him into the pack, and they play all the time. The cat gets more kisses than he bargained for because Dex LOVES him. He's just a really sweet little boy and we're so happy he's a part of our home.


Thanks again,


Alex and Jaclyn


October 2018

Hello Big Sky Ranch!

Just wanted to update you on our boy formally known as Tito, but now goes by Jax. He’s an amazing family man, and we are enjoying him very much. His personality is constantly putting a smile on our faces. He enjoys his off leash runs, playing with all his toys and his cat brothers and sister, and most of all snuggling with his family. With lots of training behind him now, he has become a very well rounded lad! We love our dobie with all our hearts.

Thank you,

Jax’s Family


October 2018

Hello Big Sky Ranch,

Just wanted to update you on our boy Jake. We adopted our big boy Jake (he’s a 7 year old Husky/Malamute) from you guys at the beginning of September. (Which is now his new birthday that we will celebrate every year) Jake has adjusted VERY well to his new home.

He loves all the space and trees we have in our backyard. He’s been doing very well training off leash, he loves going to the cottage and swimming in the lake, but most of all he LOVES being spoiled by our children. He gets wayyy more snuggles than he ever thought possible.

He loves his new pet cot we bought for him as a “welcome home gift”, and thoroughly enjoyed some dinner this past weekend for thanksgiving.

We love him very much and cannot imagine our lives without him.

Thank you for giving our family so much extra joy and happiness. From Jake’s family


October 2018

Hello Andy, 

This is just a little update on Truman. He has adjusted so well to the home and enjoys his time playing and napping and snuggling with everyone he sees. He goes for at least 3 walks a day and is enjoying his new neighbourhood. He had brought so much joy into my life and I’m very thankful that I got to adopt him. 

Thanks for everything you guys do and happy thanksgiving! 


Custer (now Cooper)

August 2018

I have to share this with you Andy. Yesterday ended up as the first day if the rest of our lives. Cooper (Custer) was a different dog by the time we got home. It was as if he truly believed he was in his forever home. We are so happy, thank you for everything.

Maya & Turtle

December 2017

We are doing very well. Maya has become very healthy and fit and is now able to run with me for up to 5km- she started with slow short walks and let her enthusiasm build from there! She gets super excited for our runs and enjoys them very much. She has settled into our home and is relaxed. She’ll even briefly engage in games of tug with Turtle.


Turtle has also lost excess weight and is down to 68 lbs and he has better mobility- he is so good on the leash. He’s healthy and silly and seems to think that he has an endless supply of stuffed toys that he steals from the kids. He loves going on walks and playing fetch. He gets along with all of the dogs we meet on walks and adores the kids. He is a complete Velcro dog and pretty much never leaves my side while I’m at home.

They are in good hands and getting lots of love and attention.


November 2017

Good morning Andy!


It's been a couple weeks now since we've had Rosie, and I just wanted to send a quick update. We brought her to the vet and she received a clean bill of health! She's transitioned quite wonderfully into our home and is truly one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. We are truly making the most of her golden years - frequent visits to the dog park, visiting friends, lots of treats, and even going to Pumpkinferno at Upper Canada Village! She has quickly become my best friend, and I'm so happy we were able to meet and adopt her through Big Sky!


Katherine, Will, & Rosie

Lucy (formerly Ginny)

November 2017

"We are so happy to have given Lucy (formerly Ginny) a life on a farm full of play and love and adventure!  Lu is the sweetest, happiest dog we know (ha ha not that we’re biased)!


July 2017

We wanted to send you and update about Eddie! He is doing great and adjusting well with our family. He has met all 12 of our family members and has fallen in love the most with our youngest grandson. He gets along well with our neighbours' dog but is selective about other dogs he meets. LOL! He Loves his walks and loves hanging out in the yard and in the garden with me. We take him in the car and everywhere with us. He loves going places and doing things! We could not have asked for a better friend and new member of our family. 


He will be going for his first vet visit on August 12th. He is just one big cuddle monster. Again, thank you for contacting us! 




Lorraine and Brian C.

Snow White & Sleeping Beauty

July 2017

Thank you Big Sky Ranch for the beautiful additions to our duck family. The girls seem very happy with their new family and they have adjusted very well. We have named the all white girl Snow white (we call her snow) and the other one we have named Sleeping Beauty (because she can always be found lounging on the pond deck about 90% of they day). Thank you very much! We hope to adopt more from you in the future but for now we are happy the girls can live the rest of their lives here.

Thank you again

Love, the Pilkingtons


July 2017


This is the rescue dog from Big Sky late Nov./early Dec., that you called
"Harry" and we renamed Max. He has settled in, calmed down, and is as sweet and loving as you described.

I met a woman in PetSmart today, and recommended you for finding a rescue
dog. I hope she contacts you and another delightful pooch finds a forever


Kristin and Owen

Algonquin College students #3

April 2017

We would like to express our thanks to you for allowing us to volunteer at the ranch, and involving ourselves in the lives of all the animals that you have saved over the duration of our community engagement project, along with all the animals that came before.


We learned lot from everyone about the animals, along with the troubles that many have faced. We enjoyed getting to know all the animals and learning all their different personalities, from Pandora the duckling to L'il Debbie the emu, and, of course, wonderful Sasha. We appreciate all the work and dedication that you have put into the ranch, and all the help you have given to those who have been left behind. 




Samantha Murfin & Samantha Whitehead (Sam & Sam)


(These students from Algonquin College were participating in a program designed to develop skills to contribute to their community, learn principles of good citizenship and to develop a sense of personal and social responsibility.)

Algonquin College students #2

April 2017

Courtney and I wanted to say thank you for allowing us to volunteer at Big Sky Ranch. We love the good things you do for the animals and appreciated your kindness towards us during our volunteering.


We felt very welcomed and appreciated. We are very happy and proud to have volunteered at such a wonderful place and met such kind, selfless people. The work you all do is so important for the animals and we are happy to have been a part of it. Thank you and we hope to volunteer again soon. 


Paige McLaughlin & Courtney Brown


(These students from Algonquin College were participating in a program designed to develop skills to contribute to their community, learn principles of good citizenship and to develop a sense of personal and social responsibility.)

Algonquin College students #1

April 2017

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work at your ranch. We had a blast with everyone and loved meeting all the animals at your farm.

Your sanctuary is absolutely beautiful and we are so honored to have had the chance to work with such great people and animals. All that Big Sky Ranch accomplishes and all that you do for animals in need is something that there should be more of in this area. You are a one of a kind establishment.


We look forward to working with you in the future when possible. Helping at your events/day camps is something that would be very rewarding. Best of luck with the coming weeks and we will be in touch shortly about when to start coming back out once exams are over. And thanks again for the opportunity you gave to us; an establishment such as yours is hard to come by. We truly appreciate all that you do.


Cheers, Cassie and Hansly


(These students from Algonquin College were participating in a program designed to develop skills to contribute to their community, learn principles of good citizenship and to develop a sense of personal and social responsibility.)


February 2017

It is now two years (February 1) since I picked up Ranger from your rescue. 
Ranger is a lovely, kind creature. It took him a year to understand this is really his home and he is, um, sometimes selectively hard of hearing, but then so are we humans sometimes.


He’s a grand dog. I wanted to say thank you for helping match me up with this lovely big hearted ‘beast’..yes he is now a ‘slim’ 118 pounds..good grief. He’s having a ball and I just wanted to show you that with your help he has landed on his feet (all four of them), and I am so happy with him..

Ranger and I live on a 94 acre farm with other creatures and he has the room he needs to enjoy…haven’t got him swimming yet, but he loves water and mud!


February 2017

We just want to say we think everything Big Sky ranch does is amazing and we are so happy we adopted Kami. It's officially been one week since we brought her home and so far she is loving our walks in the bush and playing in the snow on our property.


Thank you,


Nikyla & Andrew 


January 2017

We adopted Emma about a month ago and I am happy to say she is doing wonderful! :) She is such a sweet girl. Her favourite thing is to cuddle up beside you and go to sleep while you pet her. She has become quite a mama's girl lol.  We are very happy to have her as a part of our family. We just love her! Thanks again, for giving us the opportunity to have this wonderful girl in our family.

Rosie (formerly Reisza)

January 2017

I was a little unsure about rescuing a dog the first time I visited Big Sky. I had actually gone to look at another dog but unfortunately (or fortunately because everything works out the way it’s meant to), that didn’t pan out. I loved Big Sky and after speaking with Andy and his son I felt confident in rescuing a dog from there. A few days later I was informed that Big Sky had two dogs available, I raced there and instantly fell in love with Rosie and the rest is history. She adjusted to her new life very quickly but it took almost a month to get a tail wag from her. She gets along great with her cat sister and she couldn’t be a better companion. Thank you for bringing Rosie into my life. I couldn’t love her more and she just brings me so much happiness! A dog really is a girl’s best friend!



January 2017

I wanted to take a minute and tell you how happy we have been with our new furry family member Zada. We were a little apprehensive with adopting Zada, mostly because like most dogs up for adoption, we didn’t know her history (friendly, aggressive, anxious, etc), but Andy, with his years of experience being around animals just knew that Zada would turn into a great companion/best friend/lap dog.


That is exactly what we got, with many hard weeks of training and obedience (she was alone in a kennel for 8 months prior to adoption, she needed to be taught manners and patience), we have the most faithful companion we could ask for. We take her to the park, she absolutely loves the water and to play fetch with her favorite Frisbee. She is a very relaxed (as you can see in the photos), happy and sweet dog. She is one very spoiled and very loved dog.


Thank you Big Sky Ranch!


January 2017

Just wanted to send you all a little update on Otis. It took a little bit of time for him and our dog Ralph to settle in and get along all the time.  But now they are like the best of friends! The play A LOT, together, and enjoy going for walks. 


Thanks again for helping us add Otis to our home!



Thomas (formerly Tango)

December 2016

My little family is complete”-  hearing those  words are one of the joys of helping at Big Sky Ranch! Here is more from Thomas’ (formerly Tango) person:
“Thomas is fitting well with our family!  Welcome, Thomas, to your new home. Thomas is a treasure, and he and Lulu have bonded closely and look after each other. Together they are my pot of gold and the end of the rainbow and I love them both to bits.”


December 2016

"I adopted this cuddly goofball in May from Big Sky Ranch and he is doing great! His confidence is growing every day as he settles into his fur-ever home and his routine. Jax is a great camping buddy and is always up for a game of fetch. His favourite things include peanut butter, orange balls, belly rubs, and bedtime cuddles. He has even decided he likes the cat...Although she doesn't feel the same way, yet! Thanks so much Big Sky Ranch for all the amazing work you do for so many animals in need." - Jen


October 2016

As promised we managed to visit the farm a week ago Sunday so Emma could give Big Sky the money she collected instead of gifts at her birthday party at the end of August.


We thank Andy and Big Sky everyday for bringing Bella in our lives! She is an amazing dog and Andy was right...she was perfect for us! 

On another note we really enjoyed touring the farm and were amazed how well everything was kept up and how clean it was! My mother in law was in awe the entire time ;) we will be back for other visits for sure! 

Thanks again,

Jennifer, Jason, Emma, Amelia, Tigger & Bella ❤️


October 2016

In July 2015 we went to visit the animals and have a look at dogs at the ranch with my two sons (7 years old and 9 months old at the time).

We asked to see the dogs available for adoption. I pointed out a dog that I wanted to have a closer look at and by accident they brought out a "different" dog... well that was no accident! She was a bit shy but her sweetness shined right through! With that we decided to give her a chance and adopted her that day!


In the first week I was waiting to see WHY she had been put up for adoption... what was it? Two years later, my conclusion is that it was a living arrangement issue and NOT anything to do with Sable! She has never destroyed anything, she has never been aggressive, she has never even had an accident!! Sable was the perfect fit for my family. She is not only now one of my children but she is a second mother to my boys. She watches them while they play, staying close to protect them and sleeps with my oldest son nightly. We couldn't be happier with our girl!


We would like to say thank you to Big Sky Ranch for giving animals like Sable as many chances as it takes for us humans to get it right and find that one amazing furrever home! Please continue your incredible work and we look forward to a visit with the animals soon!! 

The Moore family


October 2016

Kodiak is a gentle giant that now once more has a lovely family to adore and a new home to explore with his new pack of friends. Here is his success story from his new humans:

"First off we want to say thank you for our boy. We have only been blessed with him for a week he's such a gentleman with a kind soul. We have done our trip to the vets and even had the wellness test done. He is in fine shape, healthy and very happy. Enjoys his four sisters and has all the land a big boy can ask for. We feel so blessed to add him to our now complete family."

Winston and Diesel

October 2016

Winston and Diesel have settled in their new home together with their wonderful family where they are once again the delight of a household.

After a day of laughs they fall asleep together, close by each other as they have done most of their lives.

We thank their new family for recognizing their bond and opening their hearts and homes to these great friends!


July 2016

Hi Andy 

Just wanted to let you and Andrew know how happy Sandy (Foxy) is in her new home. She loves spending time with Ceilidh relaxing in the yard or running in the sugar bush or dancing in the hay fields! She always has a smile on her face and her tail never stops wagging! Just love her ears!!!

Thanks so much for all your help!



June 2016

We feel we are truly blessed to have adopted Max! He is amazing addition to our family. He is a wonderful family dog, and great with our kids and fantastic companion to our other lab. We can't remember what life was like before getting him. He keeps us laughing with his facial expressions, his little happy dance he does before a walk and his overall cuteness. 


May 2016



Just wanted to give an up date on Moka the hound we adopted in November, she’s doing great! Her personality has fully bloomed and makes us laugh everyday. She is great with our young pup Jackson and even sleeps beside the cat Patrick… I think she believes they are her babies. Moka and Jackson are truly the best of friends, and get into all sorts of trouble together.


We can’t imagine life with out this old girl (who is now 10!), we are so happy to have found her at Big Sky Ranch!


Thanks again for everything,


Robyn & Larry


P.S she still LOVES to sleep under the covers!!


March 2016

Hi Andrew and Andy,

Just a really quick note to let you know that Anna is doing amazing! She has spent a large part of the day enjoying our backyard and we are trying to introduce her to her new bed. We love her so much already.

Willow (now Roxy)

February 2016

Willow is a dream. She loves her training and long walks through the trails at Mac Johnson's Wildlife Conservation...she's beyond smart, and a bit of a clown, and definitely very lovable. She was a perfect match for me. I can't believe the bond we have just after 5 weeks. Wanted to thank you guys and gals for what you are doing for ALL of those animals...take care and a great big THANKS again!

Coco (now Lily)

February 2016

Hi Andy,

We just wanted to let you know how well Lily (was Coco) is doing. She is such a delightful little girl, playful, bright, and the biggest love bug ever. She adapted really quickly, immediately bonding with Mike, but if he’s not around, I’ll do. HAHA! Seriously though, we are so in love with this little girl. She is a perfect fit. Thank you for all you do.


Mike and Brenda


December 2015

This is an updated photo of Kaylee. My son decided this year to raise donations for Big Sky Ranch in lieu of birthday presents. Little did we know in November when we dropped off his donation and received a wonderful tour by Andy and a volunteer that we would be blessed with a new family member. Kaylee is a 15 year old fur baby that has brought so much love and such a calm to our life. My soon to be 3 year old Weimaraner has a best friend and my 6 year old son adores her. Thank you for bringing us together. We are looking so forward to sharing our first Christmas with Kaylee. :-)


December 2015

Tucker fits right in with our family including our two horses who he loves!


He enjoys getting up with my mom early every morning to do barn chores (with a little encouragement of course, he sure does love his sleep!) he loves going for walks in the sand pit every night (takes us for a walk holding his leash) and loves to run up the hills. He loves his doggie bed and toys although he occasionally likes to crawl into our beds and snuggle up :) We couldn't be happier to have Tucker as the new addition to our family. He loves us just as much as we love him. We are so happy to have him and for him to finally have found his forever home.





December 2015

Here is Deeks enjoying a really fun summer outdoors with his best friend Kenzie and his new family that love him very much! 


September 2015

What a year it’s been! New home, new family, new name. Lucky me! After hanging out with my big sissy’s 5yr old boy, who repeated my new name 50 million times over the first weekend, I totally knew my name was ‘Nia’ by week 1!!


I got my first grooming right away, and gosh, I was admittedly quite adorable.

Mom bought a warm coat as we left the groomers, to keep me warm right up to spring.


I’ve met so many neighborhood fellow canines, and most I can appreciate; in the beginning when they come in pairs I had a tendency to lose track of them and got a bit apprehensive.The more I got out the better I became. Mom was a bit nervous though, going out to local school fields to let me run, so we’d go into the baseball diamonds that were 90% enclosed. It did the trick. She got more comfortable as my friends would come in to play with me.


Boy, do I love to run. I’m the faster one out there, only a Great Dane can catch me! In the ball diamond she always brought a toy, but often I just liked watching her chase the toy down, while I would be distracted by any little thing that moved!


Springtime we started going camping and oh my, I could swim all day long.  Throw anything out in the water and I will fetch it like a pro. I get so excited some times I just can’t stay still, darting back and forth, jumping like I have ants in my pants, and random rolling about, especially in the sand.


Now, I have this best friend that is just so much fun to visit; he’s like my other half. Sissy’s family call him Fynn, and he lives in the country where we both can run everywhere together on my visits. I even got a Valentine’s bouquet of flowers from Fynn, as he showed up on my doorstep with bowtie and kisses.  We are so excited to see each other, and we always tucker each other out.

I’ll admit, I get a bit jealous as Fynn has a special liking to Mom, I usually stop all that lov’n simply by pushing him right out of the way!  He reminds me that he’s Nana’s boy, but I tell him I’m Mama’s girl! Then we play hard again…


The best part of my week, is just hanging out with Mom all day while she works on that funny gadget on her desk. I keep watch on the goings on outside from the second floor window. I’m the new neighbour watch, you know!


Mom’s favorite thing is hide’n seek. I run up from downstairs & she tricks me and hides. Or peek ’a boo in the roundabout from kitchen to dining room to living room. She laughs so hard and I just get excited. I really do love play time with Mom, just because she squeals so much, especially if I mess up her hair and sit on her. She finally got use to my excess gas I had; that first month here was way too funny. Silent & deadly!


On that special note, we wish you Merry Christmas. Hopefully we can get out for a visit and say hello over the holiday.



September 2015



Here is an update on Berkley who we adopted in June. I am sending some pictures of our two week camping trip in Algonquin Park. Berkley enjoyed hiking with her backpack and had fun playing in the water with her new brother Rosco (Labrador Retriever). We found out Berkley loves to swim. Berkley is doing well in obedience school and will be going to agility classes to help with more training. This winter we will be snowshoeing and cross country skiing with the dogs, should be fun. Berkley is part of the family and we love her.


Thanks for helping the animals,




July 2015

Hi Andy,
Sophy has adapted well to our big family. She sleeps each night in between Kevin and I, and then when we go to work, she jumps up with Braden and stays there until he is awake.  Sophy loves dried liver for her treats and she eats well just like us (applesauce/Greek yoghurt with oatmeal and kibble for breakfast, fish oil, probiotics, sweet potatoes, ground turkey or chicken and kibble for supper).   
She runs with away with soccer balls and basketballs that she takes from Braden and Nic. She chases chipmunks and loves to bug Scampy (our cat).
She is loveable and always wants to cuddle. We are very grateful that she chose us as her "forever" home.
Have a great day,


June 2015

Hello Andy, I just thought i'd let you know that Simon has fit in perfect here! His name has actually been changed to Duke and he's quite the bundle of energy! He's currently being taught commands and is doing very well! His favourite spot to sleep is on top of our pillows, I'm not shocked at all!! Ahaha! We will be bringing him up to Big Sky Ranch soon to visit so he never forgets that place!


Thank you so much!




June 2015



We wanted to send along an update and a couple of pictures of Sam (AKA Guinness - that's what we've renamed him). He is doing great -by the vet's estimation he will be turning one next month. We absolutely adore him and are not surprised that he made an impression at the Ranch! Everyone that meets him says that he is the friendliest, cuddliest cat. He loves people and gets lots of attention. We are so happy to have him and can't even picture our home without him!


Take care!


Emily and Josh



September 2014

Spooky has settled well into our home, and hearts. He's very affectionate, a real cuddle bug. I adore everything about him.


I'm so thankful we were able to adopt him.




September 2014

Hi Andy 

Chinook is the most amazing dog and we were extremely lucky to find such a warm hearted gentle giant. He is loved by everyone who meets him. The first comment usually is “What a beautiful dog” and they’re always amazed at how affectionate he can be. He always lays down and waits for belly rubs. Sometimes I bring him to my store in Merrickville and he is my official greeter. The only problem he creates, is that everyone forgets to look at what I’m selling when he’s in the store. 

Chinook is very well adjusted to his new home. He is very happy and I think he knows that he’s finally found a permanent place he can call home. 


Gary & Monica


November 2013

Hi Andy and everyone at Big Sky Ranch! As promised I am writing you all to let you know how Mystic is doing in her new home!!

Well where to start... We really can't say enough about this amazing gentle soul we were so lucky to find at your ranch!! Throughout my life I have always been a dog owner and lover. However, and I mean this very sincerely, I have never owned a dog like Mystic! She is so AMAZING! She is the sweetest, gentlest, smartest dog I have ever had the pleasure of calling my own!

She has truly completed us! She is so well behaved! She never ever leaves the yard, she listens to EVERY command and has done so since day one!! She gets along great with our other large dog and our old cat!!

And most importantly she is amazing with our two young children! She protects and loves my children as though she has known them since they were born!! My son (who is 4) loves to take her for a walk because he can hold her leash without any issue. (really she doesn't need a leash but because she looks intimidating we put her on one so others feel comfortable).

And my 2.5 year old autistic little girl, wow! The bond that has grown so quickly between her and Mystic is quite incredible! Mystic calms Rachael when no one else can. Rachael LOVES her and Mystic Loves Rachael!! Just 2 weeks after we took Mystic home Rachael was in the living room where we have patio doors that open to nothing but a 6 foot drop at the moment. We keep this door locked but this day Rachael some how managed to get it open while I was in a back room. (Rachael wouldn't think twice about jumping out this door, she really has NO fear). While I was in the other room I heard Mystic bark for the FIRST time since she was in our home, I quickly came out to see what was wrong and I saw the door wide open with Mystic standing between the opening drop and Rachael barking and gently trying to nudge her away from the door!! She saved Rachael from a potentially serious injury that day! I will never forget that.


Anyways, I could go on and on about Mystic, I really can't say enough about her! We feel completely blessed to have her in our home! She is no added work or stress to our family, she is a pleasure to have around! We are all in love with her (even the cat)! We know she is 9 years old and she may only have another year or 2 in her (or maybe we'll get really lucky and get 5 years, who knows) but the one thing I can say for sure is no matter how many days she has left she will live every single one of them belonging to a family and feeling loved. And of course enjoying her new luxurious doggy bed!!

From the very bottom of our hearts THANK YOU for finding Mystic for us and THANK YOU for all that you do for every animal that comes your way!


Courtney Richer


May 2013

Hi Andy,

It is with tremendous sadness that I write this email to tell you that Stacey has passed away. This morning he did not wake up and we are not sure why, but he looked peaceful and we can only hope he passed quietly and happily in his sleep. He had an appointment for blood tests this Saturday because we were worried he might be developing diabetes, but other than drinking more water he was his usual energetic self. I had planned to take him on a trip to visit the ranch after his appointment and it breaks my heart that I can no longer do that.

I want to tell you what a joy it was to have Stacey in our lives. I remember the day we came to the ranch to meet him. He came running right over to us and jumped right in our truck! I knew we had to take him. He rode happily home with us and walked right into our house like he already knew he lived there. We decided to adopt a dog as a companion for our senior lab, Carter, who was going blind and just lost his lifetime friend, our shitzhu Bud. Stacey was an amazingly intuitive dog, and it seemed as if he knew his role immediately. He became Carter's best pal and caretaker, always watching and guiding Carter as he completely lost his vision and notifying us when Carter needed assistance, it was nothing short of amazing. They had an extremely close bond. Stacey was sweet and gentle and over flowing with love. He knew only kindness and happiness. We were only able to have Stacey for 2 years, but he has left us with a lifetime of happy memories. He wiggled his way into our hearts in an instant and I will miss him forever. I know I will never find another dog like him. I would urge anyone who is considering adopting a rescue to absolutely go for it, especially the older animals. They may not be puppies/kittens anymore but they have SO MUCH love to give and will change your life forever. The Big Sky Ranch is an amazing place doing amazing things, I feel blessed to have found my special friend Stacey there.

Take Care,



December 2012

Hi Andy,

I just wanted to give you an update on how Max’s (now renamed Sawyer-which he seems to respond to) first few days have been. He seems to have adapted beautifully to his new home and is very calm and gentle. He has only barked 2-3 times (at the cat when it tried to swat him). He follows us around the house and always seems to want to be in the same room as us. He sleeps all night on the floor beside our bed.

He has been walking on a leash out on the road and seems to already understand how to heel and not pull. We’ve let him out in the yard with a very long rope to fetch and run around a bit. He seems to love to play!

He is learning the rules of the house. He is so smart! He only needs to be told something twice to know what’s expected of him. He is amazing!

We are working on the housebreaking. He has had some accidents in the house, but we’re figuring out his routine and taking him out more frequently. I am confident he will get it soon enough. He seems to catch on to things so quickly.

He is the best dog we could have asked for and fits perfectly into our family. The girls haven’t given him a moment’s peace, constantly cuddling and brushing and playing with him. They are so ecstatic! You can tell that he was fairly well treated at his previous home.

We tried to bathe him. A very funny experience…I had no idea how much work it is or how wet a room can get! He loves the water. He tried to get into the bath with the girls last night! We will be bringing him to a puppy spa on Sunday to have him washed and fluffed and have his beard trimmed. He will gleam.

Thank you so much for allowing him to be part of our family! He’s wonderful!

Kathryne P.


January 2012

Just thought I would drop you your first update on the lab mix puppy "Shadow" that our family adopted on December 13th. I knew the name Shadow would be changed as the children would want a chance to rename him, but it was me who came up with his new name in the end. He has been renamed Tuxedo, or Tux for short and took to his new name immediately.

It has been almost 4 weeks and I really don't remember what it was like not to have him. It has even been a joy to get up with him in the night to let him outside, although we are now able to get a 6 hour break before doing this. We have continued with the cage training although it is common for him to fall asleep with either my husband or I on the bed first. Still after his final bathroom break he goes to the cage willingly and it isn't hard to get him in when we are leaving for a few hours during the day. We have been accident free since just after Christmas (although honestly before that we were only having one or two a day and usually when he was excited playing with the kids. In fact many were actually trailing to the door and back as he just wouldn't stop playing).

He is so incredibly sweet and smart! He has already learned to sit, lay down, get off, shake, stay and come on command (although can be easliy distracted as he is still young). He starts puppy pre-school on Wednesday and we expect him to be top of his class.

As we can't get enough of him there are now dog beds on our two main levels that he moves around himself to be in the same room as us, but usually one of us is on the floor with him either using him as a pillow or letting him climb into our laps (something that is going to have to stop soon!) He was 17 lbs the day we took him home and weighs 29.5 lbs today! I swear that he has doubled in size, and those paws just keep getting wider looking! I am excited to see how big he will get!

When we took him to the vet she said her best guess was that he was lab mixed with a Cane Corso breed but my husband and I are pretty sure that he is half lab and half boxer. Either way we are in for a good sized dog, but with his disposition we are going to have a great one. We get compliments on him everywhere we go!

Today we purchased him a Holt leash (goes around his snout) as he is quite strong and willful on walks. I took him for the first one this afternoon and what a difference. It will take him a while to get used to it though but with the treats he gets for good behaviour, teaching him anything is a breeze.

When people ask us where we got him we are quick to tell them from Big Sky Ranch and suggest people check you and other rescue places out. Thank you so much for fostering him and for letting our family be blessed with his love and affection.

Heather Puncher and Family.


November 2011

Quick update about Rupert. This cat is the most fantastic cat I've ever had. I never wanted a cat but as soon as I saw Rupert at my store, PJ's Pets Express, it was love at first sight and I knew he was the exception! He's still a little timid with my sons, ages 6 and 2, but he's never hissed, swatted, scratched or bitten either of them. Rupert is a great eater and an even better cuddler (once the kids are gone to bed!) and he's only ever attempted to scratch the furniture once. I quickly bought him a cat post and he scratched it the first day and every day since. I love this cat with all my heart. I'm so happy you were able to showcase him in our store and that I can spread the word about how well you care for your animals and how amazing they are when they are adopted. Thank you!
See you this weekend! Can't wait to see who you bring in to the store this time...but I've already promised my husband NO MORE CATS! :)

Randi Curry


October 2011

This is Alisha Serson-Daye, my family and I adopted Charlie on friday. I just wanted to let you know, so far he is doing amazing! He loves our cat Taz and loves our little boy Riley even more! He is such a good dog in the house, outside and in the truck! He has been coming with us everywhere we go! He is definitely part of the family already! We haven't had such a well behaved dog in a long long time. I will be sending you some photos as soon as I get them on my computer and will for sure keep in touch! Thank you so so much for helping us find the missing part of our family!

All the thanks and blessings in the world!
Alisha, Adam and Riley :)


September 2010


I just wanted to let you know that the little calico kitten "Pumpkin" is fantastic.... she is so beautiful friendly and sweet! In fact she is the most amazing kitten! She has no fear, is happy, content, playful, settled, eating, found the litter box! She still hisses at the dog like a big tough thing!! But she is doing that less and poor Dazey just wants to nuzzle her!! She doesnt growl at the dog anymore!

Our visit was a VERY enjoyable experience!! The two sisters were so nice and everyone was so friendly. The farm looks beautiful and made me wish I was an animal that could go live in those fields!!

Just like when we got Dazey - We are all very happy!

Thanks so much!!! Kris


July 2010



I just thought that I would let you know how Tucker, who was previously Scooter, is doing.

Since coming home with me last December, Tucker has made tons of friends in our little neighborhood and has come to love Bartlett Park in Manotick. He loves to chase other dogs and be chased but he makes sure to take time out for a swim to cool off. He also loves it up at the cottage where he gets to explore the whole island and chase all the local wildlife. He hasn't quite realized that the roots of the trees can't be picked up but it is definitely funny to watch him try.

Tucker has become somewhat of a pseudo celebrity too. He was the Ottawa Dog Blog Dog of the Week for the week of July 5th, check it out here. And he's even been in a music video for a local Ottawa band, Hearts in Stereo, click here to watch the video. He's made great friends with the other dogs in the video and has come to think of himself as a much bigger dog than he is - so much so that he now has a t-shirt that says "I'm the BIG dog around here!"

It is impossible to be unhappy when Tucker is around, everyone falls in love with him and his ever-happy attitude. The entire family spoils him and loves to play with him. I think we all spend more time on the floor playing than we do most other things.

I think all families should have a wonderful dog like Tucker. I'm so glad that I came out to see him that cold night in December after work. And I'm even happier that you hadn't yet put his picture on your website otherwise he might not have made it into my life and into my heart. Attached are a couple recent photos of Tucker and his best friend Xena (a pit bull cross).

Tucker is the first shelter dog that I have adopted and would never think of going back to a breeder, the love that rescue dogs share when they come to trust you is totally different than anything else.

You and your family are doing great work on the ranch, keep it up there are so many animals that need your help.

All the best,
Jennifer and Tucker


June 2010



I would like to sincerely thank you for adopting out Bruno (previously known as Brutus) to me. He is a wonderful dog, and an absolute joy to have as a member of my family.

You will remember that, the day before I came out to Big Sky Ranch, my german shepherd Sasha & I had said our final good-byes to our beloved 10-year-old labrador Owen. Sasha has separation anxiety, but she had been doing very well thanks to the companionship of her best friend Owen. I had adopted Owen and Sasha together as a bonded pair from a shelter, where they had met and become best friends, a couple of years ago. I was very worried about Sasha, and I had wanted to find her another canine buddy as soon as I could.

Well let me tell you, it is impossible to be unhappy with Bruno around! He is one of the most gregarious souls I have ever known, with a disposition that can best be described as bombproof! Everyone he meets is his friend. He even likes the birds; he is always aware of them flying overhead on our walks or in the backyard. He is a very silly and entertaining boy who loves to play fetch and wrestle with Sasha. They are now best buddies. Sasha has a friend to help with her anxiety, and Bruno – Mr Congeniality – has a full-time companion which suits him very well, given his very sociable nature. It is a great combination for both, a real win-win situation.

Thank you so much for the love and care that you provide to all the wonderful animals at Big Sky Ranch, and for providing a happy environment for them to stay until lucky people like me can adopt them.

I encourage everyone who would like to add a four-legged family member to seriously consider adopting shelter animals in general, and from Big Sky in particular. Bruno is the fifth shelter dog I have adopted in my lifetime, and every single one has been a gem.

May the sun shine upon you, Andy, and Big Sky Ranch for many years to come.

All the best, Dawn, Sasha & Bruno


September 2009



Hope you are doing well. We haven't seen you for a while. Brutus is making great progress. He has made some new canine friends (mostly small dogs and puppies) in and around my apartment building. He loves to greet everyone he meets on our walks and has become the love of the neighbourhood with all the kids. He also now has a new mission: I have started taking him into St. Vincent's Hospital on Sundays to visit my sister (she has cancer of the lymph nodes, as well as other problems). Last Sunday, we ended up staying over 4 hours because so many people (staff, patients and relatives) wanted to meet him and were surprised to learn his story. They thought he was a certified therapy dog (I am working on that). A lot of people wanted to know if he was coming back again and I said we would be there every week. He loves situations like that - he is calm, doesn't bark or lick anyone and sits beside wheelchairs or bedsides or just greets people he meets in the family rooms, etc. I am so proud of him. I truly believe you saved an angel the day you decided to save Brutus. He just has a knack for helping people. Anyway, I just wanted to see how you were doing, give you an update on the big guy. Talk to you soon.


Gaylinne and Brutus


September 2008

Hello All,


I just wanted to send you a pic of our dog that we got from you in March 08. He is now just 10 months old, and he is 102 pounds. Yikes. He was with a litter of 7, Burnesse mountain, lab and rotweiller. Not sure you remember us, my name is Liz and my boyfriend is Marshall. I saw you on the A Channel the other morning, and I thought I would send you a quick note to tell what a great dog he is. We want to Thank You, all of you, that work tirelessly to help the animals. They are definitely a very important part of everyday life. I am also sending a Picture of Bear, so you can see how well he is doing. Ok.


Take Care, Liz Brunton, Marshall James and all our kids.


May 15, 2008

Hi Andy - When I came to the ranch I wasn't sure if I should have adopted Mia but I realized that I couldn't let this beautiful girl go. The time that I have had her has been a blast - she is the best dog I have ever owned and I have to thank everyone at the ranch for that. All of you put your hearts into all the animals that are there and they make sure they go to the right homes. Mia has made my home a better place than ever. I am so lucky that there is a place like Big Sky Ranch.

Thanks, Cara


October 5, 2007

I would like to thank you for all you do at the farm and the opportunities you give to the animals that might not have a chance. I would also like to thank you for introducing me to my now best friend Primus.


I have to admitt I went looking for a specific type of dog but your persistance with knowing they all need homes paid off and I ended up being the lucky one. Although he was not the breed or type I was looking for, he seemed to be a great boy and well rounded. I realized I was looking for a loyal friend not a certain breed.


He was a tough looking character who had hair missing from the top of his nose blackened by scraping the cage. He would stare at me with his intimidating eyes, not to intimidate as I soon learned, but awaiting a command. He was well trained in his previous life and will soon be bringing him to a higher level of obedience classes, maybe to compete. He enjoys a chalenge and follows direction to a tee. he is so fun to be with as the other dogs at the dog park with contest to.


He loves to go in the car as he accompanies me to work every day and will ly at my feet as I work grooming other dogs. He just loves to be around you. He has greatly relaxed in the weeks we have had him . He even liked going to the vet office. His hair on his nose has grown back and a good bath has made him an even more beautiful boy.


I look forward to the years ahead with him and the fun we will have. As for the boyfriend who wanted nothing to do with a dog or even like them, has also found a great friend.I think the dog is getting more love and attention then myself lol. Im glad he got to see what love a dog can give. and what a dog to show him. Thank you for all you have done and hope everyone else will see them for what they can give you , not what they are.... Looks can be decieving and you may be passing up a good friend . Primus Thanks all of you for the chance you gave him and he tells me he is very happy now.



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